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Curtiss & Adam have just released their first CD!

Curtiss & Adam

Salutations! Our names are Curtiss and Adam and together we are Curtiss and Adam. The first band we played together in was called The Hustlers and after all members went separate ways for near a year, we contacted each other and made loose plans to get together and jam once and a while. Well "once and a while" quickly became every day. Needless to say our individual mind frames came together to create a perfect chemistry. We used our shows at local bars to promote some old and some new songs until finally we felt confident enough to record a full length album. This particular album is influenced by many things but most of all growing up in a small town, attending first year of college, a wicked awesome road trip out west, etcetera, etcetera. The play style and lyrical content of the album are not so complicated. They are just interpretations and personal visions of life up to this point. The goal of the album Another Place, Another Song is just to bring the same amount enjoyment that we have gained from it to any and all people everywhere. As we have completed one album the songs for the next are already in preparation it's just a matter of perfecting something that will continually change.