A Little About Me


I was born in Dayton, Ohio on December 19. In the first 5 years of my life, my parents had divorced, I had moved almost 10 times, and I attended 2 different school systems. My life calmed down slightly when I entered first grade in Kalkaska, Michigan. Boredom soon caught the best of me when I realized I was years ahead of everyone in my class. In second grade, my instructor gave me the choice of moving up one grade, but I declined in order to stay with my friends. Two years later, my fourth grade teacher created large ammounts of extra credit work for me to do that was more advanced than the normal class work. I continued to be a near-four-point student throughout elementary school and into middle school. In eighth grade I became the student council President, but did not pursue student council in High School. As boredom began to set in once again, I became interested in web design.

I began researching how to create web pages online, and soon found a few tutorials online. I learned HTML quickly and went on to tackle JavaScript and CSS. In the Autumn of 2004, I began attending a web design class at the Career Tech Center located in Traverse City, Michigan. Within the first couple weeks, I had become top of my class. During the next few months, I mastered Adobe Photoshop®. The following year, I returned only to teach myself another web language: PHP. As my studies deepened, so did my work experience.

I will be attending Northern Michigan University in the fall of 2006 for Entrepreneurship. I plan to develop websites part-time for a few years to help pay for college and then work entirely from home by the time I graduate. During my stay at Northern Michigan University, I hope to master PHP, along with a programming language or two. After graduation I may look for a full-time job, but it is doubtful.