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Allan Reed

Allan ReedThe site is now finished and I am proud to display it on my site. The layout was created in Adobe Photoshop® and the buttons were created with Adobe ImageReady. This layout posed a problem due to the fact that I used vector-based shapes rather than pixel-based graphics as I was used to. In the end, the shapes proved to work much better and I learned how to manipulate them to my will rather quickly. Once I finished the basic design, I began working with the colours of the site. It began as a tan and brown layout, but later progressed to the current blue tone. The owner of this site asked for an administration area. I was glad to add one for him, and he later asked for the administration area to be changed so it would only display text, rather than code. I made a simple change in the code to allow line breaks to be changed into <br /> tags and vice-versa. As the site progressed, I continued to learn ways to accomplish coding tasks more efficiently.