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Glen Lake Football

Glen Lake FootballThis web site began as volunteer work for school. I impressed the client so much that he volunteered to advertise my services and also donated a generous amount of money for my work. This site challenged me in a few different ways. For one, this site was the first one I ever used Adobe PhotoShop to create. I didn't use PhotoShop for the code really, but more for the header image and menu. Another challenge I overcame was the JavaScriptClient-side scripting language commonly used in websites for dynamic content. I was forced to use. The client wanted a 'Countdown to Kickoff' script, and instead of going out and finding some premade script online, I wrote it myself and integrated it with a MySQL database for the best functionality. I also used PHPServer-side programming language generally used in websites to serve up dynamic content from a script or database. to include the template file for each page. There was also a few forms and databases that I had to work with, but in the end, I believe it turned out quite well.