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All features listed are included with the specified package. You will get the chance to raise the limits of several of the features on the next page.

Description Perfect for occasional bloggers, basic gaming fan sites, and small to medium-sized forums. Ideal for avid bloggers, large forums, small-businesses, and most gaming fan sites. One plan to rule them all. Kitchen sink not included.
Yearly Price$30.00 / year$50.00 / year$100.00 / year
Monthly Price$3.00 / month$5.00 / month$10.00 / month
Disk Space500 MB1 GB2 GB
Bandwidth10 GB20 GB50 GB
Parked Domains1 / Account5 / AccountUnlimited
Addon Domains1 / Account5 / AccountUnlimited
Sub Domains5 / Account10 / AccountUnlimited
MySQL Databases5 / Account10 / AccountUnlimited
Email Accounts20 / Account50 / AccountUnlimited
Email Lists3 / Account10 / AccountUnlimited
FTP Accounts5 / Account10 / AccountUnlimited
Control PanelcPanel 11cPanel 11cPanel 11