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Random Quote Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ~~ Albert Einstein


-The Support Page Has Been Updated
-A Forum Is Now Available For Getting Questions Answered, Or Just Chatting
-All Those Who Purchase A Design Plan Automatically Receive Access To The Boards
-Anyone May Register If They Wish Though


-All Pages Are Running, But Some Are Still Under Construction
-Contact Form Will Soon Have Same Layout As The Sign Up Form
-Contact Information Has Been Updated...All Information Is Now Correct
-Links Have Now Been Added To View Older News
-A Few More Things Will Be Done To The News Page Shortly To Make It Better


-The Order Form Is Officially Finished!
-The Entire Form Has Been Remade, And We Hope You Love It
-All Forms On FrohsenWebDesign.com Will Soon Have This Same Style
-There Is Some Nifty Form Validation In Case You Forget To Fill In A Field
-News Page Now Only Shows New Features From The CURRENT Month
-Links Will Soon Be Added So You Can View Older News
-We Are Currently Working On ONE Site -- Check Here For More Details


-Currently The Members Section Is Being Worked On
-There Will Be Username/Password Forms To Keep Out Crackers (AKA Hackers)
-The Order Form Is Almost Finished!
-Only One More Value Needs To Be Added To The Form (Domain)


-We Are Sorry About The Wait...Our Contact Information Is Now Online
-The Sign Up Forms Have Been Updated, We Hope You Like Them Better
-Some Links Were Broken, They Are Now Fixed
-Frohsen Web Design can now be found by seaching Ask Jeeves (R) [ask.com]


-Frohsen Web Design can now be found by seaching Google (TM) [google.com]


-Contact Form Is Up & Running
-All Files Will Be PHP Files By Tomorrow
-Sign Up For The Mailing List Now!


-Contact Form & Information Should Be Online By 12.03.04

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