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Curtiss & Adam have just released their first CD!

Current Projects

This section of the site is to outline the projects that I am currently a part of, whether it is a client's website or a project of my own. These projects are, in my opinion, the best collection of my current abilities.

Curtiss O'Rorke Stedman -

Curtiss is a friend of mine that is trying to get his name out there. He just released his first CD with completely original content. He's only asking $5.00 for each CD, so take a chance and check out his CD. If you don't go to NMU, just let me know you would like a CD and give me the money. I'll get the CD from him for you :-D

Complete Site Redesign -

As time continues on, my skills also improve. In the past, you have probably noticed how little color has been used on my own website. This wasn't really because I didn't like color; it was more of a fact that I couldn't get color to look good on my site. Well, times have changed, and I am completely redesigning my site. The new site will have a ton of color, a layout that expands/shrinks for the browser, and a ton of new features. I may let you have a sneak preview before the final release. Check back for updates.

Update - The layout has been released on the main section of the site. I will be updating the forum slightly before the layout is released there. Let me know if you would like anything added/changed! -

This is one of my recently finished projects. is an ad site, designed around the idea that advertisers will compete to have their ad listed first. The website will be up for a minimum of 5 years and it only takes five dollars (USD) to get listed. You may add funds to your account at any time. Check it out now!

Forum -

My forum has been built from scratch to provide me with the most flexibility. Once completed, I will provide my clients with this custom forum to be on their websites.

Leetsville Blues Band

Currently in the beginning stages of development. This website will feature a band from Northern Michigan, called Leetsville Blues Band. The band consists of Darrell Boger (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Burt Boger (Drums), Jack Ramsey (Bass, Background Vocals).

Some other stuff

I have a few projects in the works that I am hoping will make it big on the internet. I will be releasing these projects as I begin work/finish them.